A well-established UK and Spanish funeral planning company, Avalon organises funeral plans specifically for UK citizens spending time in Spain.

As Europe’s leading provider of funeral plans, Avalon offers different packages, ranging from a simple local funeral to full repatriation, handling the many details that need to be dealt with under Spanish law. Avalon’s Spanish service is fully bilingual - and the company understands the need for exceptional competence at a time when family members may be distressed and distracted.

Since 1990 we have been supplying our 10´s of thousands of members complete peace of mind.

All our members are covered throughout Spain and The UK at no extra cost.

We have 2 offices in Spain and our employees supply a free no obligation and confidential advice service.

We inform the whole community about how different the Spanish funeral system is compared to the UK.

Our goal is to ensure anybody who spend more than 4 weeks a year in Spain understands how to protect themselves and their families.

When a client purchases a funeral plan they can pay in Euros or Sterling. We also have payment schemes where clients can pay up to 18 months interest free. If they prefer they can pay their plan over 10 years and they are fully covered from the very first day.

Avalon will accept everybody regardless of health or age. We won´t require any health declarations. We have 24 hour dedicated phone lines here in Spain and in The UK.

We currently offer plans in Cyprus, Portugal, Tenerife, Turkey, Malta, Spain and The UK.

Our members funds are held in an independent trust in the United Kingdom.

A pre-paid funeral plan from Avalon provides protection from rising funeral costs by fixing the costs of the Funeral Director’s fees and services.

Paying in advance for your funeral is a sensible decision that will save you money and will benefit your family or estate.

Avalon supplies a solution for all these concerns.

Costs - Funeral costs can be in excess of €4500 and they’re rising at an average of almost 10% per year

Different customs - Funerals can be completed within 24hrs, a very big change from your home country

Distress - The death of a family member or a friend is a sad, painful and distressing time without the added worry of organising a funeral

Payment - Funeral bills have to be paid sometimes before the funeral.

Control - You may have specific requirements that you wish to be carried out

Health - your health may have prevented you from purchasing Life Insurance

Savings - Your savings may be insufficient to cover funeral costs or the return may not be keeping abreast with funeral.

Most insurances don´t cover everybody completely for their funeral. We are always happy to double check for UK citizens and translate when required.

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