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We also provide the low cost advertising for small local businesses, with adverts from 50 cents  per day, making it the affordable solution for all advertisers.

The radio frequencies are 89.9 and 99.8 fm and of course you can listen live on this website or additionally you can find us on the tune in app for your smartphone, tablet or pc.

Advertising on Big FM couldn’t be easier, Just fill out the form on our submit an advert page, type in the details of your business and what you would like promoted on your advert, we will then write a script for your approval. Once approved we will send to production and usually within a couple of days your advert will be on air for the amount of plays you choose, you can pay by paypal or bank transfer or we can collect from your business address.

An Example of a 20 second advert at 50 cents per play could be played 4 times per day, for just  60€ per month

We aim to offer the lowest cost advertising to the region and will gladly match other stations quotations where possible.

Production costs are also kept to a minimum, with a 20 second advert produced for just 15€

Why wait to get your advertising campaign started, We do not use  Reps that  pester you for your money and will only contact you at your invitation.

Don’t delay Contact us today.

Spaces are limited in our advertising block and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis


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I had 2 marvelous days at the previous Home Garden and Lifestyle show. I sold a lot and it opend for me the door to a whole new group of new customers. I am looking forward to participate aga...

Annemiek Hennin
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