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Quality mineral water from your tap
ECO-tap is a 3-way kitchen tap with just one filter in one filter housing. The exchangeable filter transforms water into mineral water from the tap. The filter eliminates chloral, organic pollution, lead, heavy metals, chemical residue and bacteria. It does not filter the important minerals like magnesium, calcium and fluoride. ECO-tap can filter all kinds of sweet water and change it into healthy and tasty mineral water from your own tap.
We can supply several kinds and models of 3-way taps to always suite your kitchen style.
ECO-tap is very easy to install, does not require maintenance, and does not use electricity, no pollution and no wastage of water. The easily changeable filter clears 3500 liter of tap water which stands for an average household consumption period of one year. The filter is very easy to replace and is available for just 82 euro. Besides the convenience of water from your own tap you also save money because you don´t need to buy water anymore.
Experience the convenience of mineral water quality from your own kitchen tap and save money at the same time.
Your own ECO-tap kitchen tap is available for you just for 344 euro incl. IVA
•    A new 3-way tap
•    Installation ECO-tap system = filter housing + filter
ECO-tap advantages:
•    No more carrying bottles from the store
•    No storage and waste of storage place
•    No waste of empty bottles
•    Always available
•    Cheaper (0,04 euro a liter)
•    ECO-tap always cool of your own tap : (0,09€ liter)
•    The ECO-tap will be your own property, in case you want to move you can easily take the system with you.
•    Simple: an individual tap beside the existing tap 250 euro
•    3-way tap from 344 euro
•    Cooling system (your ECO-tap cooled mineral water from the tap) 790 euro

Product of TOEKOMST sl. L´Alfas del Pi – tel 634 343 241 –

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